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Light Spheres

Light spheres, also known as light orb or ball of light. Created with one long exposure and no additions to the photo in post processing. Some adjustments like levels, saturation, white balance, brightness, sharpening and cropping may be done in post processing.

Are you interested in personalised light painting shots with your own location ( greater Brisbane, QLD area)? Please contact me to discuss your ideas.
Gargoil SphereGreen And BlueSphere At The Old TreeLow Tide SphereLake Samsonvale SphereMusegg Town Wall SphereTown Wall SpherePyro SphereSwiss Pyro ShpereStainless Steel sphereFilling Station SphereDecay SphereCaved In Roof SphereIndustrial Reflection SphereMedical SphereOffice SphereCaged SphereSofa SphereGet The Ball Rolling...Tombstone Sphere