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Bee Hawk Moth - Cephonodes kingii

Bee Hawk Moth - Cephonodes kingii

The Bee Hawk Moth has transparent wings and a stout body like Bumble Bees. They hover over flowers to feed and their rapidly beating wings hum, like a little hummingbird. The thorax is green, and the abdomen is yellow with a black band and a square dark patch on the segment after the black band. The moth has scales on the wings when it first emerges from the pupa, but these are shed leaving the wings transparent with a broad dark area near the tip. It is similar to Cephonodes hylas which has a smaller dark area at the tip of the forewings. The caterpillars start off the pale green with a black tail horn. They turn darker with white spots with red edges on the sides and a horn on the tail.

(Text Source: OzAnimals