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Greater Glider - Petauroides volansGreater Glider - Petauroides volansThe greater glider (Petauroides volans) is a small gliding marsupial found in Australia. It is not closely related to the Petaurus group of gliding marsupials but instead to the lemur-like ringtail possum (Hemibelideus lemuroides), with which it shares the subfamily Hemibelideinae. The greater glider is nocturnal and is a solitary herbivore feeding almost exclusively on Eucalyptus leaves and buds. Like its relative the lemur-like ringtail, the greater glider is found in two forms: a sooty brown form, or a grey-to-white form. The greater glider is found in eucalypt forest from Mossman, Queensland, to Daylesford, Victoria. (Text Source: Wikipedia)

Do you really need to upload every day to social media?

The following thoughts are for individuals and people sharing photos on social media. I haven’t included businesses or people making money of their photographs as this is a whole other ballgame than what I am writing about in the following paragraphs.

In the age of social media, it is hard to be noticed. Either the algorithm is not favourable for you or you don’t have the followers to make an impact. In the past, I have succumbed to the pressure of following the trend of posting as often as I could.

Since I started wildlife photography the social media channels like Facebook and Instagram rose to their pole positions. In the early days, the only real photography platform was Flickr and I believe it still is. When I created my Facebook Spohr Photography Page, I started to upload photos regularly. As I hadn’t enough unique content I decided to not upload as regular as I initially did. Soon after that Facebook started to bombard me with messages to upload more as others with a similar account do it as well. At the same time I heard from numerous sources that, if you want to be found and followed, you need to keep your activity up. With that came the pressure, self-inflicted, of course, to share more and more. The quality of my posted images was not the best more often than not. Fear of missing out rose and I started to question if Facebook was the platform to be on.

Social MediaSocial MediaSocial Media, a way to reach people with similar interests.

I came relatively late to the Instagram platform and tried there to post every day. When I had exhausted my show worthy images, I had two options, to upload lesser good photos or to slow down. While going through my Insta-feed from people and pages I followed, I noticed that most of them re-shared their photos regularly.

That was the point when I started to do the same, I posted my already posted images again and again. I even joined an Instagram Engagement group (you can read about that here) to boost my reach.

InstagramInstagramThe pressure of uploading to social medial like Instagram is high.

Forward a few years to the present time, it is now 2020 and I have been on Facebook and Instagram for quite some years. One thing I’ve noticed is, people/companies with money can buy their followers and likes. You don’t have to be good, you have to be aggressive and do what everyone else does and post what everyone else posts. What sells is exotic places or young girls showing off exotic places or their Insta-bodies.

I have come to the conclusion to only share when I have a worthwhile image to share. It doesn’t matter if you have a following of a million people, it doesn’t matter if people don’t comment or like your photos. What counts is that you had a fantastic time capturing your subject, that you love your image as is. There will always be critique out there. Listen to them but don’t take it personally. Good, constructive critique is good, trolls and inappropriate critique is not helping you in any ways.

MeWeMeWeThe new "kid" on the block of social media. MeWe, meant to be a Facebook alternative with no adds.

If I can share my photos and people like them and even follow my account I am happy with that. I see social media more like a way to show my photos to people who are interested in seeing them, at the end of the day it is no good having awesome photos and no one has ever seen them.


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