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Flatback Sea Turtle - Natator depressusFlatback Sea Turtle - Natator depressusThe Australian flatback sea turtle (Natator depressus) is a sea turtle located along the sandy beaches and shallow coastal waters of Australia. They can only be found in the waters around the Australian continental shelf. It belongs to the family Cheloniidae, along with other sea turtles. This turtle gets its name from the fact that their shell has a flattened or lower dome than the other sea turtles. They can be olive green to grey with a cream underside. These turtles average from 76 cm to 96 cm in length and can weigh between 70 kg to 90 kg. The hatchlings, when emerging from nests, are larger than other sea turtle hatchlings when they hatch. The flatback turtle is listed by the UCN Red List of Threatened Species as Data Deficient, meaning there is insufficient scientific information to determine its conservation status at this time. It was previously listed as Vulnerable in 1994. They are not Threatened like other sea turtles due to their small dispersal range. (Text Source: Wikipedia)


What was and what lies ahead

To start with, I wish all of my followers a happy new year.

Satin Bowerbird - Ptilinorhynchus violaceusSatin Bowerbird - Ptilinorhynchus violaceusSatin Bowerbirds are renowned for decorating their bowers with all manner of blue objects collected from the vicinity of the bower and sometimes from farther afield. These odds and ends may comprise feathers from parrots, flowers, seed-pods and fruits, butterfly wings and artificial items such as ball-point pens, matchboxes, string, marbles and pieces of glass. Occasionally objects of different colours, especially greenish-yellow, are also used where blue items are difficult to procure. These are carefully arranged around the bower to assist the male to attract a mate. (Tex Source: BirdLife Australia)

In the past year, I was posting once a month about wildlife and photography related themes. The topics ranged from macro setups, macro DIY gear and other DIY gear, thoughts about wildlife baiting for photography purpose, copyright which was important to me to talk about Australian copyright rules and law (most times you hear about the US laws and the need to register your photos. It does have some merits but not necessary here in Australia. Go and read for yourself why and why not). I had blog posts about wildlife as well, such as the vulnerable powerful owl, the quest to find the Rakali and wildlife in the city and even in your backyard.

Garden Jumping Spider - Opisthoncus parcedentatusGarden Jumping Spider - Opisthoncus parcedentatusThe spider is brown in colour with a white pattern on its abdomen and thorax. The spider hunts actively during day time. The spider is usually found hunting on green leaves. Garden Jumping Spider is common in garden and backyard in Brisbane. (Text Source: Brisbane Insects)

I hope you enjoyed them. With a new year starting, I would like to encourage you to submit your blog post request by either sending a blog post comment or in one of the social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or MeWe.

My plans are to write about photography gear and further DIY projects, Wildlife in Australia and maybe even behind the scene of one of my shoots. Also, a small change will be that I will post every second month instead of monthly.

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With that said, happy new year and thank you for visiting my website and blog.


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