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Ladybug pupaLadybug pupaIn its pupal stage, the ladybug is usually yellow or orange with black markings. The pupa remains still, attached to a leaf, throughout this stage. The ladybug's body undergoes a remarkable transformation, directed by special cells called histoblasts. The histoblasts control a biochemical process through which the larval body is broken down and reformed into the adult ladybug. Depending on the species and environmental variables such as temperature, the pupal stage may last 3 to 12 days.

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Macro world or how to set up your shot the easy way

While capturing the macro world I have come across a few obstacles. With a few of them, I have come up with very inexpensive ways to get great results. One thing I struggled with was capturing insects on windy days. 

At times I could solve the issue by photographing the insect in burst mode. So the slightest move of a branch didn’t ruin my photo. Instead, I used sequences of images and focus-merged them in Affinity Photo. The results were mostly an image which had the insect in full focus.

There are times though, where the wind was too strong or the weather wasn’t favourable that I had to resort to studio macro photography. I have a small table with a white foam board as a surface. There I stage my own landscape. I use branches, twigs, flowers and leaves to recreate the scene I have found the insect in. To hold the foliage in place, I would use some of my kids' wooden building blocks and rubber bands. That solution wasn’t the best but it worked. 

Indoor macro set upIndoor macro set upTo utilise my small space I have a foam board on a small table. I use the 6 armed third hand to position leaves behind the subject to mimic a shrub or tree. The background can be easily replaced with different coloured boards.

Through a Macro Photographer, I follow on social media I came across the perfect way to hold my props. The photographer uses a soldering third hand to hold a flower or a leave in place. The third-hand consists of a stand with two alligator clips on each side of a movable arm. When looking into it I found a variety of models and with a bit of thinking I decided to buy myself a third-hand tool too.

Arms with leavesArms with leavesAs this third hand has 6 arms the configurations are vast.

My model is a bit different as it consists of 6 movable arms on a heavy base. The arms can be moved in all direction and can hold various foliage. With the 6 armed versions, I am able to produce a variety of depth. I can have some foreground and background foliage and place a twig in the centre of it all. I even use two of the arms to hold a background in place. In this instance, it is black cardboard.

As you can see, this is a versatile and inexpensive way to create your macro world.


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