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Yellow-striped Hermit - Clibanarius taeniatus

Yellow-striped Hermit - Clibanarius taeniatus

Hermit crabs are relatively small crustaceans that, for the most part, require the use of empty gastropod shells in order to protect their soft and vulnerable abdomens. Approximately 1400 species are currently known to inhabit semi-terrestrial, intertidal, shallow water and deep ocean environments around the world (Lemaitre, pers. comm.) The striped-leg hermit crab (Clibanarius taeniatus) (Photo 1A) and yellow-footed hermit crab (Clibanarius virescens) (Photo 1B) can commonly be found on the rocky shores of Queensland. These hermit crabs inhabit shallow tide pools and can be seen balanced on rocks from low shore to the high intertidal mark. Where conditions are right, these hermit crabs may occupy the majority of empty snail shells((Kay, A. and Coates, M. 2002. Rocky Reef Watch Project Report 2000 – 2002. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Brisbane.)).

(Text Source: OzCoast)