Digital Asset Organiser

  • Do you have hundreds of digital photos stored on your computer but you can't find the one you are looking for?
  • Do you have digital photos stored in different locations and the task has become too big for you to organise?
  • Do you take digital photos on a daily or weekly basis and want to get the photos organised?

Digital Asset OrganisationDigital Asset OrganisationDigital Asset Management which incorporates importing, organising and storing of your digital images.

Spohr Photography can help with:

  1. locating all your digital photos on your computer.
  2. transferring all digital photos into one location.
  3. filing and structuring all of your photos by set criteria.
  4. Using existing photo applications on your computers, such as Photos for Mac or the equivalent for Windows.
  5. Teaching basic use of the app such as importing photos right into the app, organising and naming photos.
  6. Selecting and improving your photo you share on your social media platforms.

Spohr Photography is coming to you and is doing all this in your home on your computer.


Basic Package:

Basic digital photo organisation starts at $50 for a 1-hour consultation.

This includes:

  • travel to your location (greater Brisbane area. Please ask for the cost to other locations).
  • locating and transferring all digital photos to a central location on your computer.
  • teaching of basics about importing and storing your photos on your computer.


Advanced Package:

Advanced digital photo organisation for $120 for 3 hours consultation.

This includes:

  • basic digital photo organisation (see above).
  • creating a simple to use photo library with your native photo application run on your computer (Mac or Windows).
  • organising and structuring your library by a system of your choice, for example by date, location, subject, etc.
  • discussing and implementing backup solutions for your photos.
  • tips and trick of basic photo editing.


Spring Clean Package:

Spring clean for $25 for 30 minutes consultation.

This includes:

  • travel to your location (greater Brisbane area. Please ask for the cost to other locations).
  • checking your computer for stray or lost digital photos.
  • modifying your structure if required.
  • discussing and helping with digital photo organisational needs.


Extend your package time:

Additional time will be charged at $25 per 30 minutes consultation.


A bookings fee of 50% of the cost of the package is to be paid 1-week prior to consultation. Booking fee is non-refundable if cancellation is within 24 hours of the booked day.

Payment via PayPal or Bank transfer. Payment details will be sent in the bookings confirmation email.


How to book:

Book your consultation here or use my Contact Me link above. Please indicate the approximate amount of photos to be organised, the system used (Mac or Windows), pre-existing apps (Photos, Lightroom, etc.) and preferred consultation time and date.



All prices are subject to changes without notice. All prices are in Australian Dollars.

Spohr Photography does not take any responsibility for lost photos due to the wrong usage of photo application, not having backup/s of photos, loss due to transferring photos between media, corrupt or damaged media or accidental deletion of photos by the client. The client should have a backup system in place.